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Conditional Sales Agreement

2803 Northeast 82nd Street Date
Sewattle, Washington 98115 USA
(206)5223-7178 john@graphictraphic.com Purchaser:

This is an agreement between John Hansen (Artist) and the above named Purchaser. By affixing their signature to
this document the Purchaser agrees to purchase the Work of art herein described according to the terms and
conditions of this agreement.

Description of Work of art________________________________________________________

Medium: Size: " X "

Price: $ .

Tax: .
Balance due: $ .
Terms of Sale__________________________________________________________________

The Artist hereby expressly reserves all rights whatsoever to copy or reproduce the work to the Artist, his heirs,
executors, administrators, and assigns. The Artist has placed copyright notice in his name on the Work. The
Artist shall not unreasonably refuse permission to reproduce the Work for inventory records for insurance
purposes, and for catalogs and other publicity purposes incidental to public exhibition of the work, provided all
such reproductions bear appropriately placed copyright notice in a form identical to that appearing on the Work.

The risk of loss shall pass to the Purchaser upon the signing of this agreement.

Purchaser shall not distort, mutilate, or otherwise alter the Work. Purchaser agrees not to destroy the Work
without first offering to return ownership to the Artist. In the event of damage to the Work requiring restoration
or repair, the Purchaser will, if practicable, offer the Artist the first opportunity to restore or repair the Work and,
in any case, shall consult with the Artist with respect to the restoration or repairs.

Artist may show the Work for up to 60 days once every five years at no expense to the Purchaser, upon written
notice no later than 30 days before opening and upon satisfactory proof of insurance and prepaid transportation.

On resale or other transfer of the Work, the Purchaser agrees to pay the Artist seven percent of the gross sale
price received or, if the Work is transferred other than by sale, seven percent of the fair market value of the Work
as of the date of transfer.

All the terms and conditions of this agreement are binding on any and all subsequent owners of this work, for a
term of the artist's life plus seventy years. The rights of the artist agreed to herein will be transfered to his legal
heirs upon his death. The purchaser agrees to provide any subsequent owner with a copy of this document and,
to provide the artist or his appointed representative a copy of same, signed and dated by the purchaser and
subsequent owner, verifying the succession of the terms and conditions hereof.

Unless paid in full at the time of the sale, the price shall be paid in equal monthly installments, commencing on
the ____ day of ____________,20___ , and ending on the _____day of ___________, 20___ . Security interest
in the Work is protected by Uniform Commercial Code Form 1, filed with the State of Washington.