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traveling alone
edition of 50

impact analysis
edition of 50

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edition of 50

The most recent works on these pages are arranged by series,with current
pieces being first. Some of these prints are available in varying sizes and
in special value-enhanced editions. (see How To Buy, How My Art is Made,or
Computers and Art)

fine digital printmaking

symmetry, assymetry, inner space, outer space, hidden messages, hidden
meanings, subtle innuendos

The ability to work directly with light, color, shape is what draws me into
using the computer to create these non-representational abstract expressions.

While most often output as prints on paper, these images can also be realized in
other media including, but not limited to, relief in stone or concrete, woven into
carpet or other fabric, engraved and/or enameled in metal, etched in stone, glass,
acrylic or metal; as backlit or projection transparencies, screen printed on any
surface or displayed on wall mounted flat panel displays.

enhanced value

These fine prints are originals, created from a singular matrix, not reproductions of
works created in another medium. They are created entirely on a computer and
apply digital media in its purest form. Rather than attempting to emulate
traditional media, the artist works directly witrh light, form and structure in these
works, bringing his unique vision to life.

Editions are strictly limited to 50 iterations of each image, regardles of the size or
format of the individual prints. While traditonal printmaking methods produce 50
identical prints, these works allow customizing individual prints without
compromising the integrity of the edition. This feature theoretically would allow 50
totally unique pieces, adding to the potential for increases in valuation over time.
Each image is individually numbered and signed by the artist.

Architects and Interior Designers

Special optiions are available that can offer some exciting design departures.
Check this link for more information.

Graphic Designers, Art Directors and Photographers

Licensing arrangements are available for uses in advertising and corporate design
projects. These abstract works perform effectively as backgrounds for product
advertising, editorial, corporate and fashion photography. Other applications
include themed design systems for packaging and promotional materials.

more than a chance encounter
48" X 68"  |  edition of 10  |  year 2002  | $2500 US
untitled a107
25" X 32"  |  edition of 50  |  $700
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