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Free Images

In order to make his art available to the widest possible audience, the artist will be providing a variety of images for download and use as both computer desktop pictures, and for printing on your color printer. These works will be changed on a rotating basis to provide some limits to the editions. Originals of these online images will be made available for purchase.

The purpose of providing art for free is to increase the value of the artist's original works by widening the audience/market and increasing demand. These free images will be high quality JPEG files, suitable for output onto quality fine art materials with desktop color inkjet printers.

There are some limitations that apply to these works. One copy of each image may be made for personal use only. The artist retains all other rights including, but not limited to, reproduction, the alteration of these images, the creation and production of derivative works, and the resale of any of these images.

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