john hansen design

the process

A project is typically approached similar to this one, currently being developed for a custom auto parts and services business. The first step is listening to the clients goals and objectives. These are interpreted into design criteria which are used to begin the design process.

Next comes exploration of variations on approaches to target markets and client objectives. Close client involvement at this step is essential to the program's success. The first presentation includes a variety of options (as on the left) to help refine the design approach, and elicit support from the client team members.

Once a viable solution is identified, its time for some critical refinements. Hundreds of possible solutions are developed and reviewed giving considerations for addressing a wide variety of output requirements from print packaging, advertising and signing to web graphics, stationery and business forms.Only after these are presented and approved does the application of the design program to the final output media begin.

This project requires applications to stationery, signing, vehicle marking, product labeling and packaging, an informational website (left) and several advertising specialties.