john hansen design

As a designer / educator / artist I am able to create and motivate, my two favorite activities. I am functioning at my peak when creating and working with others in that process. In my career I enjoy a constantly evolving balance of activities - design and print production, education and fine arts.

My early background in offset printing has served me well as a designer, educator and artist. I learned the vital importance of technical considerations at the conceptual stage of a creative project. Working with those that produce what I design is a great reward. Its fun to inspire their commitment and creativity, drawing them into the creative process. My work has benefitted immensely from this involvement.

My practice as a designer, is the business of providing effective, market oriented design program development and it’s production management, working exclusively with organizations looking to increase the effectiveness of their marketing plans, and those entering stages of expansion in product lines and distribution areas. My associates and I have worked on a broad range of design projects for a variety of clients. This diversity of interest and experience has significantly broadened our viewpoint as to the important role of design as a marketing management tool. It has made us, as individuals, more valuable partners in the designer/client relationship.

creating effective anomolies

A whole systems approach to design considers all aspects of the marketplace, beginning with client goals and objectives, product positioning and plans for growth. An assessment of consumer attitudes relative to trends, product awareness, needs and responses lays firm groundwork for the development of designs that are targeted to the most responsive segments of your market. This initial phase of the design process includes an analysis of the competitive environment, the client's share of the market, their packaging designs their advertising, and the appropriateness of their product and approach in view of market conditions and forecasts. The object of all this is to enable the visual communications to have the maximum impact possible in light of all factors involved, and to assure that all elements of the designs are aimed at meeting consumer needs and client marketing objectives.

It is my belief that this approach, basing design directions on an understanding of these vital factors, produces design programs that are truly valuable marketing tools.