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Thank you for taking the time to review my work. If you feel that some of my work may fit with your aesthetic, (or if not, for that matter) I would appreciate your feedback and critique. At your request I will send slides or any other format you may prefer, for your further review and evaluation. I am interested in expanding the market for my work and welcome invitations to show and be represented.

Sales and Marketing support: posters, mailers and other support materials may be designed for use in acquiring sales. This website will be maintained to provide on line access to current and earlier works. 35mm slides will be provided for review and sales presentations. 4x5 transparencies can be provided for special applications. My portfolio and other data is also available in a variety of formats including CD-ROM and digital image formats ready to be placed in your own website, or used in other presentations. Promotional materials are available in PDF format, allowing cross-platform distribution. Any of these items can be tailored to fit with your existing business image and promotional format, so they carry your business's identity and contact information.

Commissioned Works: I accept commissions to create site specific or themed works. My background as a design professional, working with specifications for color, size, finish and content as well as managing creation, fabrication and installatiion has proved invaluable in communicating and working effectively with architects and interior designers, as well as curators and individual collectors. All commissioned works require a signed contract and payment before initiating work. Terms are negotiable.

Sales Policy: my works are sold through established galleries, art dealers and through artist representatives. Standard commissions and other discounts are applicable to these sales. Sales made directly to the end consumer, by the artist, are at retail price. Quantity discounts may be applied. All sales require the signing of a conditional sales agreement, specifying my retention of certain copyrights, namely those of reproduction, creation of derivative works, and the right, with the purchasers permission, to display those works in museum and gallery shows.

There are some unique opportiunities involved with the sale of Limited Edition Prints (see Special conditions related to limited edition prints.)

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