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There are a number of ways to purchase my art.. You can ask your art dealer, who can contact me for details on specific pieces, commissions, and contractual arrangements. Or, you can contact me directly.

Special arrangements can be made for lease, rental, and time-purchase plans. Online credit card sales may be available soon.

It is my intention to engage in activities that will increase the monetary value of your investment in my works. To that end, all sales are covered by a conditional sales agreement, specifying my retention of certain copyrights, namely those of reproduction, creation of derivative works, and the right, with the purchasers permission, to display those works in museum and gallery shows.

The prices quoted for my works do not include the cost of framing or shipping and handling. Sales made in the Seattle area can be delivered directly to your home or business. All paintings are fitted with wire for hanging, and most, not framed by the artist, have the canvas wrapped around the stretchers, negating the need for framing in many cases (see "how my art is made"). Some works on paper are framed while others are not, as noted in the description in my portfolio pages.

Galleries, dealers, art reps - Inquiries regarding availability of specific works, sales commissions, and other business, follow this link for further information.

Special conditions related to limited edition prints.

An added bonus to digital printmaking is that prints can be offered in varying sizes. Once optimized for the maximum size, quality reproductions can be made at any smaller size to fit customer demands. Currently, the largest size availabel is 50", by any dimension, larger or smaller (e.g.: 50" x 90"). Edition quantity limits are not compromised, as each edition is limited to the total number, regardless of size. Architects and interior designers will appreciate further optional features here.

Enhanced edition limiting option. Since these fine prints are reproduced individually on demand, a purchaser could enhance the potential for increased value by limiting an edition to the number of prints reproduced up to the time of that order. If it were the first print in an edition, then it could be limited to an edition of one print, making it a trulu rare item, something digital that is created only once. The cost of this option would be comensurate with the number remaining in an edition.

Special discounts are available to corporate buyers and others wishing to purchase or commission an entire edition. Ask your dealer or contact John Hansen directly.

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