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special options of interest to architects and interior designers

These unique pieces represent a significant enhancement in the potential for using decorative art as a design tool in serving your clients. This artist challenges your creativity by offering optional flexibility that enables you to make innovative design departures.

medium | Unlike traditional art, these digital works are limited editions of images, independent from the substrate upon which they are rendered. While most applications may be best served by printing onto high quality fine art paper, these images can be realized in a wide variety of media. Some possibilities include: silkscreen printing on any surface; weaving as carpet or other fabric; etching into glass, metal, stone, acrylic or other materials; carved as relief in stone or concrete; glazed onto ceramic surfaces; printed as backlit or projection transparencies for integrating with lighting systems design; or output as digital files for display on wall-mounted flat panel displays.

size | On-demand individual printing allows for varying sizes up to a maximum of 64" for the smallest dimension,for works on paper. For certian applications, larger sizes are accomodated by tiling panels. Alternative media may allow for significantly larger rendering. Due to the abstract non-representational nature of these works, some images may also have proportional modifications applied.

color | Further enhancing design flexibility is the potential for adjusting colors within some pieces, to fit specific project requirements.

commissioned works | Special editions can be commissioned for projects requiring site or client specific themes or multiples such as in certain corporate or hospitality installations.

client service aids

As an aid in specifying these works of art, the artist provides digital files for use in renderings and presentations. These are available in formats compatible with most industry-standard two and three-dimensional architectural rendering software. Images are also available online for staff and client review.

With a background as a design professional the artist can also provide effective consultation, contributing to early design and project planning related to the integration of artwork in a wide range of project applications. This service extends to installation planning and management.

On projects where artwork is a major element, the artist is available to participate in presentations and negotiations with client, regulatory and other organizations involved. This may take the form of team meetings, developer-community relations, regulatory agency and funding organization presentations.

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